Tuition Schedule

Private Lesson (Man-to-Man) ¥4000
Semi-Private (Pair) ¥7000

Pay at start of each lesson

Free Schedule AM 11-PM7 (last start)

Lessons held at a elegant studio apartment near beautiful MM21/Yamashita Park/Yokohama China Town.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Yokohama's Private English Study!

Hello All and Happy New Year.

Are you ready for a new year? Are you ready to improve your English skills? Now is the time to begin, again!

  • With over 8 years experience teaching private (Man-to-Man) lessons, your English skills will get better.
  • We will recommend a text or you may use your current text.
  • During our lessons, you will have more opportunities to practice AND speak English at YOUR PACE. Study grammar, learn new words, and experience real American culture!
  • Our reasonable prices and flexible schedules are designed to fit everyone's lifestyle.
  • Pay each lesson fee at the start of the lesson.

Call 045-222-9691 or send email to TODAY and reserve your trial lesson!